Who We Are

Our mission is to transform the way we illuminate

Lightled was born in 2003. Lightled designs manufacture lighting products with the latest LED technology for multiple applications in architectonic lighting, urban and road lighting, indoor lighting as well as custom projects.
Lightled’s technical offices and production plant are located in Barcelona. Sales offices in Barcelona and Madrid.


1983. Odeco Electronics
Pioneers in developing LED technology products for traffic signaling, giant screens for stadiums and advertisement.


2003. Lightled
Lightled is born to lead the emerging business of LED lighting and is established as an independent company in 2006.


2012. Odeco Technologies
The original directive and technical team of Odeco Electronics start a new period under the name Odeco Technologies, a company dedicated to investigation, development and manufacturing of LED product and solutions for traffic signaling and lighting. 

2014. Odeco Lightled
Creation of Odeco Lightled, the division of Odeco Technologies responsible for custom LED lighting projects.


Our Clients