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Lightled leads the application of the LED technology to indoor technical functional lighting.

Main Applications: Shops and Shopping Malls, Restaurants and Bars, Hotels, Hospitals, Offices, Conference Halls, Laboratories, Pavilions, Warehouses or Plants.

The energy efficiency and the long life of Lightled’s products are two factors that push forward this change:

• Substantial maintenance cost reduction.
• Huge consumption reduction, not only in lighting costs, but as well in air conditioning.

Lightled luminaires allow for special Light ambients:

• Warm or cold whites with the right CRI Focused Light or general lighting.
• Possibility to keep the same outside appearance across the whole installation regardless of Light color or Light temperature in different areas.

Lightled products help to show your product:

• They can highlight a product with the right Light color and CRI.
• They keep stable over time the color temperature and CRI.
• The reduce the harmful effects of UV or IR radiation on certain products.

Ease of installation:

• The installation Systems allow for short installation time.
• Possibility to create installations in ultra low voltage (DC).